Matt Fox & Enrique Crame III

Stepping into Matt Fox & Enrique Crame III's stylish gentleman's boutique, Fine & Dandy, is like taking a trip into a not-so-distant, but more sophisticated, past.

Specializing in men’s accessories of their own design, Fine & Dandy had its humble beginnings in 2008, as an online store, before taking up residence in Hell’s Kitchen in November 2012.

Fine & Dandy is a store expressly catered towards “dapper guys”—not somewhere for the fickle or trend obsessed—who are looking for the charm of timeless tailoring and perfectly matched pocket squares.

The pair’s dedication to tradition and fine quality accessories is a rarity, but also a staple for both guests and residents of the Hell’s Kitchen area. With their line of accessories all locally made in the United States, it’s a place for the modern man to find forever pieces inspired by classic Americana from ties and handkerchiefs to suspenders, cuff links, and more. We spoke to Fox & Crame about Fine & Dandy, and the magic of the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.




What first attracted you to the Hells Kitchen area?

I [Fox] moved to Hell’s Kitchen in 1999. Boy, it was a different neighborhood back then. I moved here because of my former career: I managed Broadway theatres for 12 years. I worked long hours so the proximity to Broadway initially attracted me, but then I immediately began to appreciate the small neighborhood feel of the area.

How long have you been in the area?

Matt has lived here since 1999 and Enrique since 2006. We started our business as an online shop out of our apartment in 2008 and opened our brick and mortar location in the neighborhood in 2012.

What "hidden gem" have you found?

We love the sidewalk cafe of Il Baretto on 11th and 53rd. We’ve spent many summer nights enjoying a bottle of wine with small bites watching the world go by.

Where is your favorite place to eat?

We love Gotham West Market. There is something for everyone. Our favorite is El Colmado. But there is so much great food in the area: El Centro, Briciola, Empanada Mama,  The Marshal. With choices like that, why cook?

Favorite store?

Domus (on west 44th Street, between 9th & 10th avenue), a treasure trove of unique housewares you won’t find anywhere else. Each year, the owners take a month off after the new year and go on an amazing international buying trip. This year they went to Thailand. We always find something unique when we visit.

Best coffee?

Kahve at 9th and 52nd. It's a tiny neighborhoody kind of place.

What's unique about the fashion scene in Hells Kitchen?

The neighborhood is such an mix of people, which results in interesting style. Hell’s Kitchen is incredibly diverse!

Where's the best place for men's grooming?

We swear by our barber, Tony at Erik’s Barber Shop (10th & 47th). It’s not fussy at all but very consistent (and cheap!).

What should every dapper gentleman have in his wardrobe?

Once you have a few basic well-fitting suits in navy, chocolate brown, and charcoal, it’s time to focus on the accessories. We always say that accessories are recession friendly because a guy’s wardrobe can seem quite extensive with a few suits and a variety of neckwear, pocket squares, socks, tie bars, cufflinks, etc.

Open daily 12-8pm & Sunday 1-8pm. 
445 w49TH St, New York, NY 10019 (212) 247-4847